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Global coaching for the whole being

Catégorie : Management

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de Michel Giffard et Céline Géara Thomas

1 vol 17 x 26
384 pages
Sortie juin 2019

In the near future, the need for human relationship as a counterweight to the influence of algorithms and digitization will be growing apace, as well as all that sets us apart as humans, such as creativity, imagination, intuition, emotion, our unconscious and our ethical values.
Global coaching proves to be a very pertinent vehicule and answer to accompany this transformation of people and organizations, raising awareness levels and responsibility, provided that:
• the coaches comply with the strong belief that all individuals carry within themselves the most effective responses to the issues they face and to the questions they ask themselves,
• the coaches are trained in the rules of the art by recognized coaching schools, they are supervised and make regular use of a therapist, and they are aware of the risks of individual or collective manipulation,
• the coachees are demanding towards themselves and towards their coach.
This roadbook provides guidance for both seasoned and beginner coaches, with insights into simplifying and deepening their professional practice, helping them focus on the most essential point, namely the quality and intensity of the relationship with their client.